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Our Mission


To define new ways for the generation of electricity, light, and heat as well as for the storage of electricity, based on cutting-edge innovations


To offer the knowledge of leading experts in the fields of energy generation and storage to customers on a global scale


To increase the efficiency, usability, and durability of energy-related products, while decreasing their purchasing costs to a great extent


To develop sustainable solutions for the on-grid and off-grid generation and storage of energy, aimed at reducing energy waste and protecting the global environment

Our Approach

Innovative Technologies

We utilize the newest technologies in the energy sector and exploit cutting-edge innovations in the fields of (flexible) solar technology, nanotechnology, and energy storage. This allows DEFINEWA to offer highly efficient and environment-friendly energy solutions, such as solutions for solar-based energy generation that have an energy conversion of more than 20% and illumination solutions that provide a brightness output of over 200 lm/W.


DEFINEWA believes that the energy supply of tomorrow is generated in a decentralized manner. As the sun reaches all places of the Earth, while cables do not, it is important to embrace solutions for self-sufficient, off-grid energy generation and storage, such as with DEFINEWA’s all-in-one solar street lights or decentralized solar plants. To his end, we combine the newest solar, battery, and LED technologies in order to make our customers independent from the power grid.

German Engineering

DEFINEWA is rooted in Germany, which has an excellent reputation in the field of engineering. In 2004, Germany was the market leader in twenty-one out of thirty-one branches of the global engineering industry. Germany is famous for high quality products and a superb craftsmanship. For these reasons, DEFINEWA primarily utilizes the expertise and production know-how of German and Germany-based engineers and energy experts for our energy solutions.

Our Offerings